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Heidi Engelhardt

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Developmental BiologyFigure 1128Amnion structure and cell movements during human gastrulation A Human embryo and uterine connections at day 15 of gestation In the upper view the embryo is cut sagittally through the midline the lower view looks down upon the dorsal surface of the embryo B The movements of the epiblast cells through the primitive streak and Hensens node and underneath the epiblast are superimposed on the dorsal surface view At days 14 and 15 the ingressing epiblast cells are thought to replace the hypoblast cells which contribute to the yolk sac lining while at day 16 the ingressing cells fan out to form the mesodermal layerFigure 1129Formation of the notochord in the mouse A The ventral surface a the 75day mouse embryo seen by scanning electron microscopy The presumptive notochord cells are the small ciliated cells in the midline that are flanked by the larger endodermal cells of the primitive gut The node with its ciliated cells is seen at the bottom B The formation of the notochord by the dorsal infolding of the small ciliated cells
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