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Jewish Studies
JS 203
Dr.Wayne Allen

Theological Revisionism (Response 8) Thursday, March 21, 2013 6:21 PM Three theological views 1. God is omnipotent o All powerful; a person who believes in a theistic God, thinks there is a contradiction because of the last fact that evil is real and it exists. o However, if you believe in more than one god, then you can say that the evil exists because of the 'evil' god 2. God is Omni-benevolent o All good; He wants to carefully guard what he made on the earth 3. Evil is real and it exists o If you are a mono-theist, evil is a problem. o How can you make this makes sense:  Deny that evil exists  Deny that God is not either Omni-potent or Omni-benevolent  If God is not all powerful why am putting him above everyone  If God is not all good, that means He could do evil things o Denying one of they is not helpful, but by not denying one of them, it is impossible o They got around this by just ignoring it; "its a philosophy thing"  This is a problem for philosophers, not me  If we are honest with ourselves, we have to figure out the problem; we need a new view on theology Theological Revisionism  "Wrestling with God" o God cannot be either good or evil; but since because of his very essence he cannot do neither good nor evil o He is the ideal of goodness but cannot do good; he cannot do good or evil by definition o Justice, peace, mercy, are only understood by men alone; God represents things, He doesnt DO things o He takes God from an active position and removes Him by moving Him up a notch o He is not an intervener; good or bad  Therefore , this writer (Berkavist) does not believe in miracles because he does not intervene o God lets human beings act as we choose o God can not intervene when humans are doing things to each other (e.g. Germans putting Jews in gas chambers) o In order to be human beings, we have to be able to do stuff wrong  "Wrestling with God" :pg 275 o Not to ask "where is God", is cowardly o If He allows evil, then God
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