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University of Waterloo
Jewish Studies
JS 217
Elliot Malamet

Judaism November 1 notes Women in Judaism Battle that goes on in terms of how involved women should be involved in religious practices Judaism has been the most conservative in adapting to Where you think religion comes from- human construction vs divine law - affects every aspect of life including gender roles - If you think you're changing gods law its one thing, if you think you are changing men's law its a different thing Different denominations have different attitudes - Orthodox-least willing to change traditional gender roles Reformed Judaism-first denomination to ordain women as Rabbis Women in Judaism Handout: Biblical Times Deuteronomy 24-1:4 - On the topic of divorce, man can kick out woman if he wants to. Rabbi's make adjustments to this law, now women can divorce men as men can divorce women. Major Gender Inequalities 1 Marital Law Bible- man can divorce wife without her consent or financial compensation Then in the Talmud - institute the "Ketubah" (marriage contract) which lists her rights in both the marriage and upon divorce (this protection for women by Rabbis was revo
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