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Communication Process Model

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Management Sciences
MSCI 411
Shannon Hartling

Communication Process Model – May 13, 2013  Action: Sender and Receiver of a communication message  Sending the message in code and receiver decodes the message  Language is code o Vary rare  Interaction: Sender sends a message to the receiver and then sends feedback to the sender o If there is noise in the middle it will account for the miscommunication o Simultaneously sending and receiving messages o Sometimes still used in e-mail conversations. o A-synchronous – not verbal communication o Ex: e-mail  Noise: Encoding a message into a verbal means of communication and simultaneously sending non-verbal communication which the sender is able to read o Verbal and nonverbal channels with interference in the middle o Interference is referred to as noise o Physical noise, external noise, physiological noise (interference from my body – not able to hear properly), psychological noise (what is going on in my mind to compete with your message – distractions about other worries; bias against the speaker) o Each communicator has his/her own context – communication environment  Context: shared/not shared physical circumstances, experience, mood o We communicate very well in the shared space of context which both communicators agree with. Works best in the area of intersection of shared space – lot less context and lot more verbal communication o More shared history – more high-context communication because more shared context  Transaction Channels:  Spoken word (verbal)  Non-verbal – body language. Sign language, vocal inflection  Television, telephone, Email (asynchronous), Skype; telephone, letters (asynchronous)  Synchronous communication – face to face – the most satisfying for interpersonal communication – rich communication is important makes it more synchronous  Always communicate as an agent o We own ourselves even if something else is taken away Who are we?  Material o Looking presentable o Who we think we are o First impressions  Social o Engaging with others, like k
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