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Lecture 3

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Shannon Hartling

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ARBUS204Lecture 3 May 12th All key terms in readings up until the point of the quiz next Wednesday Not just bolded definitions Define and use in a wellcontextualized sentence that shows the meaningReflection assignment Krish partnerselfsubjective series of descriptions of who you think you are It is constructed partly though social interaction Not the same as a person which is a public entity a political face A self is more private assessment of who you are and does not exist in isolation from others Not whole or complete at birthdistinction between selfconcept vs selfesteem We gain selfesteem from selfconcept but is not the same thing Selfconcept is descriptive total massive descriptors that we would apply to ourselves Who am I Selfesteem is evaluative Am I good To the extent that the description of ourselves live up to an ideal self To the extent that we can approach that ideal self or are consistent with that ideal self we will have good selfesteem Poorer selfesteem is a wide gap between selfassessment and our ideal selfImportant to communication because the most we understand selfconcept the more we can get a key understanding of who we are and how we place ourselves in context of our societiesrelationship Also communicators with high selfesteem tend to communicate better and have a sense of Im okay youre okay Low selfesteem people criticize themsel
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