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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

Class 2 NotesToday is the recognition or feast day of Saint Tatianapatron saint of students She was thbeheaded January 12 in the third century after ChristJesusman Lambslaughtered Lamb Saviour Lord What if He is the most perfect elegant mouthwatering pie ever existing He is the pie to which we are all invited to share in Peace of pie piece of pie If Christ is piewhat does it mean for Christian peacemakers to try to describe others of the slice of pie that theyve received and its worth eating How would you convince them that its so satisfying Definitions of PeaceFreedom from disturbanceQuiet and tranquilityA normal nonwarring condition between nationsA state of harmonyThe presence of respect understanding unity prosperity etc Definitions of ChristianOf or related to ChristianityA person who has received Christian baptism o Someone who hasnt received baptism but believes in Jesus Christ Derived from the Greek word Christ which is a translation from a Hebrew word meaning Messiah one who saves one who redeemsThrowing mini soccer ball around the classroom students describe what it does to the peopl
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