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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

Class 6 NotesPrince of Peace God of War movie clip class reflection notesWomen in leadershipbias against women Only white middle aged men PacifistHow can just war people exhibit a peacemaking approach Notes from the film continuedDavid Wiliams pacifisto Violence is wrong in all cases unless it meets a very specific criteria o Problem Jesus teachings are written in a way that you can only either do peace or war be peaceful or do violenceJordon Cooper Just WarSome people assume that Just war theory enable everything Thats not true just war has always been within the context of nationsAbortion vs the death penalty and warBruxy pacifist o Jesus spoke of peace as a lifestyle not a goal Peace is how you live you dont use violence to get peace o The justwar theory and the peace theory both leave us with a set of questions but the peace theory leaves us with the right set of questionsI want to be a pacifist myself until I see footage of children in Europe 3 days way from execution or remember how the Jews were treated I fail to understand how anybody could not intervene on these t
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