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Lecture 1

PHIL 145 Lecture 1: What are Arguments?

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PHIL 145
Andrew Stumpf

PHIL145:L ECTURE 1 May 2, 2017 Nature of the Discipline Q: What is critical thinking? • Critical thinking is about HOW to think carefully and clearly about something. • It is not how to make judgements of other people. • In one sense, critical thinking is the ability to understand and evaluate arguments. Rational Moral Agency • As rational agents beliefs are very relevant and important to us. • We make a lot of decisions because of our beliefs. • Critical thinking is important to help learn to adopt a belief through a suitable and reliable process. • Misguided action  can be a consequence of unreliable beliefs. • Foreign entities can persuade you into making decisions by influencing your beliefs. • Important to learn to understand and evaluate arguments; helps gain discernment and reliable beliefs. Models of Critical Thinking The Filter Model: The Individual – Seeks reliable beliefs from the information he/she is exposed to. The World – Contains facts, some truth tellers, some stupid people, and some liars, etc.. Critical Thinking - A set of cognitive skills that
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