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PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Are you a good notes-taker? Looking for a collaborator: e-mail me at [email protected] PHIL 215 Lecture #5 Today: Structure of the Mid-Term: 1. Define & Explain the Significance: 3 of 5-6; 10% each => 30% a) Want 2 paragraphs b) 1st paragraph: Define (e.g. define the case of “the insider”: factual information, key players, events, outcome) c) 2nd paragraph: Explain to business / professional ethics. It would be relevant to talk about, for example, conflict of interest (amongst a number of ethical points of interest). 2. Reflective Topic Essay: 1 or 2-3; 20% a) Sample Question: “Bayles constructed 4 “models” for understanding the relationship between professional & client. Explain these models in detail, and note their strengths and weaknesses, using concrete examples. Bayles argued in favour of the superiority of one model in particular: which was it; why was that; and do you agree: why or why not?” 3. Case Study, using our Method: 1 of 2; 50% a) Rule of thumb on length: Fully answer the question: word / paragraph count is not relevant (But perhaps 3-4 sides of a page, single spaced) b) Refer to the handout on case study method to prepare for this portion of the exam. Other Misc Info: - Office Hours: Mon, 3:45 - 5:15 PM, HH 327 - [email protected] - *Please remain outside classroom until exam start @ 7 PM* - Exam length: 2h30m - Nothing from textbooks - Focus on lecture content - Understand & apply the case study method. - Exam graded by TAs based on detailed grading key. - May take some time for exam to be graded due to nature of the exam - Final Exam will be graded by Prof. Orend - Prof. Orend: “Will try to be a generous grader, but will take it seriously” - Best performance gets best grade, worst performance gets worst grade. (Ranked grading scheme) Whistle-Blowing (continued from previous lecture): - Boisjoly: Challenger Shuttle Explosion - Wigand: Tobacco Whistle-Blower Nancy Olivieri & APOTEX - M.D. Ph.D. - Pediatrician (Doctor for children) - U of T professor - APOTEX offers her a research contract to study a new liver treatment drug on children - Part of the contract says that she cannot blow the whistle if tests go poorly because it is a confidential test. - The test does go badly (very badly, in fact) - The drug DXL was tested on 1,000 kids. 3 months later, the majority of kids fall sick, many seriously - some have liver failure and some die. - Nancy cancels the test on her own accord. - She also writes a letter to all parents of kids, detailing
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