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PHIL 327
Brian Orend

Last week Rights Moral vs legal Civil v HumanContrast older natural rights traditional mdern HR Objects of HRS 3 generations Duty bearers of our HR claims basic structure but with individual to shape basic structure to extent we can most casual impact Chapter on Learn that covers human rights Handout 1 second partNational Human Rights law constitutional entrenchment is used all the time its great because it shows how seriously society takes those rights Its extremely change the constitional it shows how people value human rightsstrongest form of codificationStatutes ordinary laws passed by majority it could be legally reputed at any timeThrough precedent court rulings make their way into the law as well International As a member of the UN you are required to remain under the borders even if they are violators they try to keep them in the circle relvant rulings of in morali suasion legal institution or person who occupies a legal office and is powerless but has moral suasion International human rights conventions and treatiesscores rights of a child prisoners rights of women handicapped etc How to realize Human RightsGet the object of their claim National and internationalCan be Throphy lawsTools to ensure delivers of object 1NationallyReform the Basic structure last lecture2Internationally aRealists cynics its all about power hard and soft powers essence of hard powers is money and force softcultural influence use tools of foreign policy iDiplomacyiiEconomc incentives
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