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PSYCH 211: Lecture 5 Notes

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University of Waterloo
Mathieu Le Corre

Piaget development of intelligence is a process of adaptation to the environment thought that the development of intelligence of children is driven by the same process as the adaptation of organisms to their environment the study of molluscs and the development of children are all linked adaptationPiagets Legacy it is a great mystery how we can actually get to know our world and all its complexities all the level at which we know it 1 version of knowledge when we learn something were not really learning it but remembering what we already knew from birth he was the first to make connection bw philosophical connection with scientific experimentation and observationWhat impressed Piaget about human thought we distinguish appearances from realitysize conservation our thoughts and actions arent determined by the physical effects of the world on our senses theres freedom of thought speech and action that is separate from the fact that photons are bouncing around you are in the same physical environment etc if our thoughts and actions are simply triggered by the environment we wouldnt be able to think and speak differently flexibility can mentally go back and forth between actual world and past or future worldreversibilityperceptually pouring a large narrow glass into a short wide glass there is less water in the wide one however they are equal conservation
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