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Lecture 19

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University of Waterloo
Mattieu Lecorre

Lecture 19 How many “intellectual muscles” can we flex? - One o Stanford-Binet: get 1 IQ score o Spearman and contemporary followers: one  Called g for general intelligence  Can be thought of as “mental energy” or “efficiency of neural processing”  G correlates with: school grades, and speed of neural transmission - Many? o Wechsler has two scales: verbal and performance R. Cattell: divided intelligence - Not all correlations are equal o All questions on IQ tests correlate with each other BUT  Some questions correlate more strongly with each other than they correlate with others - Find two bundles: flud (verbal in WISC) & crystallized intelligence (performance in WISC) o Fluid: ability to think on the spot (understanding relations between new concepts) o Crystallized: factual knowledge (word meanings, state capitals, arithmetic) - More support: different developmental rates o Fluid: peaks at age 20 and then declines o Crystallized: increases throughout life A proposed resolution: Carroll’s three-stratum theory of intelligence - Groups of specialized mental vehicles  “mental gas” - Model is the product of 50 years of research on intelligence How the model works - Task: remember list of letters - Research goal: predict scores on memory task - Method: Give IQ test covering all 8 groups of abilities - Results: o Overall IQ score (g), does decent job of predicting score on task o Score on general memory and learning predicts better o Score on memory spa
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