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Values and Law

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University of Waterloo
John Rempel

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Psych 230 – Lecture Three Values and Law Values and Core Motives - Schwartz (1992) values theory as a foundation for identifying core motives - Values: trans-situational goals that vary in importance and serve as guiding principles o Things that matter/important/treasured by us that will guide our thoughts and behaviours o Schwartz sees values as transitional goals that are big, and broad enough to be in many different situations o Goals: using motivation o Example: we won’t value food unless we are starving, and then appreciate it when we’re full - Developed as a bottom-up process o Finding quantitative results in samples in asking their values o Many different samples, cultures, and sub-cultures asked the same thing: ”what do you value?” o Results: 54-56 values held cross culturally o Once having resulted values, went to find new samples to measure the values from the previous sample on a ten-point scale o Finding which values tend to group together or oppose each other; finding meaningful consistency - Schwartz’s Values Circumplex o The further away terms/labels were, the ratings were more opposing o Schwartz hypothesized the structures that were to emerged o Conservation  Tradition  Conformity  Security o Self Enhancing  Power  Achievement  Hedonism – wanting a good life, indulgence and enjoyment – valuing pleasure o Open to Change  Stimulation – an exciting life (different from pleasurable life) – valuing excitement  Self-direction – valuing independence, freedom o Self Transcendent  Universalism – wisdom, social justice, equality, broad minded – values in benefiting other people/the wider humanity  Benevolence – being responsible, true friendship, being helpful, honest, loyal, spiritual life – values in in-group focus, in going beyond one self and what benefits others - Laws emerged in response to social nature and core motives as humans Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Psych 230 – Lecture Three Values in Law - Canada uses “common law” system – the court
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