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CHAPTER 10: SEXUAL DISORDERS AND GENDER IDENTITY DISORDERS TYPES OF SEXUAL DISORDERS 1. Gender identity disorders 2. Sexual dysfunctions 3. Paraphilias GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER  Conflict between person’s anatomical sex and his or her self-identification as male or female TRANSEXUALISM  Have gender role conflicts as children  However, most children with gender role conflicts grow out of it  Often more focused on own sex role than sexual relationships with others  Not related to homosexuality TREATMENT OF GENDDER IDENTITY DISORDERS: ADULT TRANSEXUALS  Sex reassignment surgery only indicated after at least one year living as preferred gender  Reassignment is gradual – hormonal changes before surgical changes  Therapy required during transition  Often results in happier lives if appropriate screening is followed  The CASE OF DAVID REIMER Problems: 1. this is most likely a response cycle for male 2. Researches are more likely interested in heterosexual relationships but not in homosexuals SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS: AN OVERVIEW  Sexual dysfunctions involve desire, arousal, and/or orgasm  Most persons suffer from more than one dysfunction  Classification of Sexual Dysfunctions  Lifelong vs. acquired  Generalized vs. specific  Due to psychological factors alone or in combination with a medical condition SEXUAL DESIRE DISORDERS  Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder  Little or no interest in any type of sexual activity  Masturbation, sexual fantasies, and intercourse are rare in this disorder  Accounts for half of all complaints at sexuality clinics  11% of women and 5% of men suffer from this disorder  Sexual Aversion Disorder  Little interest in sex  Extreme fear, panic, or disgust related to physical or sexual contact SEXUAL AROUSAL DISORDERS  Male Erectile Disorder  Difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection  Female Sexual Arousal Disorder  Difficulty achieving and maintaining adequate lubrication  Associated Features of Sexual Arousal Disorders  Problem is arousal, not desire – MORE HARD FOR WOMEN TO DETRMINE SUCH  Males are more troubled by the problem than females  Erectile problems are the main reason males seek help ORGASM DISORDERS: AN OVERVIEW  Inhibited Orgasm: Female and Male Orgasmic Disorder  Inability to achieve orgasm despite adequate sexual desire and arousal  Rare condition in adult males, but is AMONG the most common complaint of adult females ORGASM DISORDERS  Premature Ejaculation  Ejaculation occurring before the man or partner wishes it to  Most prevalent sexual dysfunction in adult males  Most common in younger, inexperienced males, but declines with age  How soon is too soon? THE PERSON HAS NO CONTROL TO EJACULATION SEXUAL PAIN DISORDERS  Dyspareunia  Extreme pain during intercourse  Adequate sexual desire, and ability to attain arousal and orgasm  Must rule out medical reasons for pain  MORE COMMON IN WOMEN BUT CAN BE DIAGNOSED TO MALES SEXUAL PAIN DISORDERS: OVERVIEW
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