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Psych 261 Chapter 9 Psych 261 Physiological Psychology Kalat: Biological Psychology 10th Edition Chapter 9

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James Danckert

Psych 261 Chapter 9WakefulnessSleep we have daily rhythms of wakefulness and sleep Module 91 Rhythms of waking and sleeping animals have 24 hour cycle of waking and sleep partly dependent on temperature and light Endogenous cycles endogenous circannual rhythm for preparing for seasonal change inner mechanism endogenous circadian rhythm daily wakesleep rhythm ex fluctuating temperature 367C at night 372C in late afternoon child early sleep time and early wake later times gradually up to age 20 then decreasing Setting and Resetting the Biological Clock circadian rhythm is reset with light zeitgeiber also partly with exercise noise medications blind people usually use other zeitgeibers if circadian rhythm is disrupted takes days to fix Jet lag sleepiness in the day and sleeplessness at night usually easier to go west backwards in time than east forwards Shiftwork especially with nightshift leads to increased grogginess best if one sleeps in a very dark room and works in a very bright room Mechanisms of the biological clock biological clock developed by brain strong against int
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