PSYCH253 Lecture Notes - Impression Formation, Anthropomorphism, Fundamental Attribution Error

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
University of Waterloo
PSYCH253- January 16th 2013
Attribution and Person Perception
Person Perception
- Anthropomorphism
o Motivated Anthropomorphism
Induced a mood (Lonely, Control, Afraid)
Ascription of human vs. general traits to pets (given a list of
attribution to describe pet and finding was that Ps that were
lonely were more likely to select more human traits to their
pets compared to controlled condition) Ps were not affected
by condition when choosing behavioral traits
People who are more lonely will see things in a more human
- Gestalt impressions
o Asch
Factors shaping impression formation
Order in which word (info) offered
Context of other words (info)
Centrality of certain words (warm/cold)
Claimed we for a “Gestalt” of the person
Revision to centrality effect
If given single descriptive phrase it can make a huge
- Thin-Slice Accuracy
o May think that you cannot recognize certain traits but we can based
on our perception
o I.e. Gaydar, Modar
Attribution theories
- Normative theories
- What would make sense for what humans should do
- Understanding Why (and Who) of why someone does something = who that
person is
- Internal/external distinction
o Functions of Attribution
Help predict and control environment
Help determine thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Influence expectations for future
Impact on own performance
o Internal/ Person Attributions
Personality, ability, attitude
o External / Situational Attributions
Other people, luck, pressure
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