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Rec 100: Lecture 1 - Key Terminology Complete Notes

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Fall 2011Brandon Yee Key Terminology Recreation and Leisure Studies 100 September 15 2011Two Questions1 What is meant by leisure recreation and play2 Why study leisure and recreation LeisureDefinitions are a matter of perspectiveDefinitions for particular purposesLeisure as time activity and state of mind 3 common ways people talk about leisure Leisure Defined as TimeTime beyond that needed for the necessities of living ie work Anything that is not work is leisure what we do in our spare timeThis allows us to quantify how much leisure time people have in order to compare w others How much leisure time do people have Discretionary or free time The definition of leisure is connected to the definition of free timeLeisure versus Free TimeNot synonymous terms Leisure time is NOT the same as free time o Ex working in your free time between classes is not considered leisure What do you do your free time Work get groceries play video games play sports take a nap wash dishes etc1
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