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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Leisure Socialization and Serious Leisure Leisure Socialization A. What is it? • The process through which an individual acquires basic skills and knowledge about leisure and recreation • “ideal”=socially and psychologically rewarding leisure behaviour B. Leisure socialization is a life-long process C. University is an important period • new people, new ideas, new friends • new activities • independence • choices and decisions D.Imitation, modeling, identifying with the behaviour looking at other people and copying behaviour • SOCIAL AGENTS A. Who are they? • We decide • People with leisure values . e.g. Parents, Friends, Coaches, Teachers • Convey what is acceptable and unacceptable leisure behaviour • Adopted values are not permitted B. Convey... C. Adopted... D. Parents and children... RESEARCH ON SOCIAL AGENTS A. The influence • guest speakers • volunteering • music teachers • coach • camp counselor (they imoact you but u only know them for a week) B. Social agents operate jointly C. At least initially, family has the strongest impact on our leisure behaviour Positive effect... increased self concept psychological adjustment depends on... -social agents and their support -individual developmental stage LEISURE AND SELF CONCEPT Location: YMCA Camp Participants: boys 7-15 Activity: Swimming study design pretest, postest -studied them before camp -there were three groups -group 1:knew how to swim
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