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Medieval Period & Modern Period Medieval Period & Modern Period - also talks about mysticism and kabbalah

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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RS 110101 Lecture 6 DIFFERENTIATION Tuesday September 28 2010THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD Judah Halevi 10751141 Christianity and Islam are only stages in the partial growth of humanitytheir adherents would eventually acknowledge the authentic revelation that Judaism represented in its finest form the Eternity of Israel Israels historical survival against all odds with Haleri sees as clear proof by Gods unique interest Covenant with Israel Maimondies or Moses ben Maimon 11351204 or Ranbam Most distinguished Jewish philosopherBorn in Cordoba Spain migrated via Morocco to Egypt Espoused Aristotelian philosophical frameworkrejected the Aristotelian notion of eternityScientific observation of natural phenomenaAristotelian speciesWrote Guide for the Perplexed Maimonides 13 Principles of Jewish Faith 1 The existence of God the creator 2 Gods unity 3 Gods incorporeality 4 Gods eternity 5 The obligation
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