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UWRS110Peter FrickWinter

RS110 Lecture Notes - Seven Laws Of Noah, 613 Commandments, Five Megillot

OC446515 Page
13 Jan 2014
For any religion, information about it is retrieved from the scriptures. Thus the religions are known as: judaism the way of the torah, christianity th
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UWRS110Peter FrickWinter

RS 110 - MODULE 2.docx

OC446516 Page
14 Jan 2014
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UWRS110Peter FrickWinter

RS 110 - MODULE 3.docx

OC446516 Page
28 Jan 2014
500 and later, center of jewish life shifted to babylonia (today iran) Yeshiva: schools of talmudic learning, interpretation of talmud, there is never
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UWRS110Peter FrickWinter

RS110 Lecture Notes - Elie Wiesel, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Reconstructionist Judaism

OC446515 Page
28 Jan 2014
Fall of the berlin wall at the end. Shaped western thought and philosophy: intellectual impact is on all of the western world. Immanuel kant: most powe
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UWRS180Carolyn Whitney- BrownWinter

RS180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Jean-Paul Sartre

OC3198569 Page
28 Mar 2015
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UWRS110Peter FrickWinter

RS 110 - MODULE 0.docx

OC446511 Page
13 Jan 2014
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UWRS100Adam StewartWinter

RS100 Lecture Notes - Krishna Janmashtami, Yuga, Holika

OC930678 Page
30 Jun 2013
*** hindu from sanskrit, sindhu, meaning river, refers specifically to the indus river. *** all non-muslim inhabitants of the indian subcontinent. ***1
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UWRS110Peter FrickWinter

RS110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Sunnah

OC816344 Page
8 Apr 2015
Jews & christians and the quran: people of the scriptures , surah 2:62, 111, 113, 120, 135, 140 (reference to jews and christians, surah 10:72 story of
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UWRS110Peter FrickFall

RS110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Antiochus Iv Epiphanes, Hellenistic Judaism, Babylonian Captivity

11 Page
13 Jul 2016
Nature of text: anthropomorphic language speaks of god as if god was human (e. g. god spoke ) Jacob had 12 sons, leading to the 12 tribes of israel. Sh
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UWRS170Fred DesrochesSummer

RS170 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Antichrist, Omnipotence, Stained Class

OC7720522 Page
24 Sep 2013
Thus his general references to god do not mean that he lacked a specific religious commitment. But why, then, did he not include some remark to the eff
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UWRS121Jamie ReadFall

RS121 Lecture 1: RS 121 Notes

OC52239856 Page
30 Nov 2015
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UWRS180Carolyn BrownFall

RS180 Lecture Notes - Eudaimonia, Irredeemable, A Grief Observed

OC9969610 Page
5 Dec 2013
Lewis"s experiences with the death of his wife, joy. Use it as a transition from looking at the love of eros to the love of charity. We are going to us
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