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RS Summaries of Ideas from Books of the Bible

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University of Waterloo
Religious Studies
RS 130
Derek Suderman

Genesis12 Creation 3 Fall of Man4 Cain and Abel Seth5 X was X years old when he became father of X11 Tower of Babel12 Gods Covenant with Abraham I will curse those who curse you Left haran Abram built the lord an altar Sarah says she is abrams sister Pharoah is tricked and sends them away Hagars child Ishmael17 Covenant of Circumcision Changing Abrahams name18 3 men at the tent Refresh yourselves wash your feet I didnt laugh yes you did Sarah will bear IsaacGomorrah and Sodom Fifty innocent people spare the place Lord and Abraham argue the fact Exodus14 Moses camps the Israelites out and Pharoh will pursue them Keep still moving Angel of God behind them God the warrior He is my God I praise him I will sing triumphant to the Lord PassoverYour wrath your anger your right hand you consumed them The enemy boasted I will pursue and overtake themIn your mercy you led the people redeemed They melted away frozen like stone The Lord shall reign forever and everMoses threw wood into the water it became fresh Sabbath Laws the 10 commandments The Golden Calf 34 Remember your servants Abraham Isaac Israel and how you swore to them by your own self saying I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars God describes God speech The lord a gracious and merciful God slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity But punishing children to the third and fourth generation for their fathers wickedness You shall keep feast of unleavened bread no other Gods 40 days and nights Moses wrote down the commandments on Sinai Moses wears a veil unless speaking with the Lord because his face gets all radiantLeviticus16 Aarons sons die from trying to see God God tells Moses to tell Aaron not to come whenever he pleases inside the veil or when God comes he will die He may only come when he brings an offering wear linen only after bathing One goat for God one goat for Azazel Sprinkling incense Once per year ordinance for sins Cleanliness and uncleanliness 18 Who to and not to have sex with Abomination vomited out like the lands I move from in front of you 25 Jubilee Sabbatical Year When the land gets to rest and all the food is split among servants animals and mastersJubilee Year When all the estates go back to their original owners Do not deal unfairly Do not worry about what to eat if not from the crops for God providesIf a man is poor and has to sell his land his family can buy it back if they cant it returns during jubilee Let poor men stay with you do not charge them rent interest or for foodSince those I brought out of the land of Egypt These men will not be slaves but like hired servants till Jubilee For you were Aliens too
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