Lecture 7.1 I listened to the lecture and took down as much as I could and what I felt was important to know.

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University of Waterloo
Social Work (Social Development Studies)
Dale Payne

LECTURE 71 Social Work With FamiliesDefinition and Purpose of Familydifficult question to answereveryone has their own personal definitionhow family is defined is important to know who should be involved in the interventionsessionsnuclear familymore than one personin the same household related by marriage blood society or self sanction traditional family mother father 22 childrennow only 7 of familieslooking past the structure is important to understand the needs of the family and what is occurring USA and Canada has extreme diverse relationships ex gay different races ectthose not white or middle class are ridiculed by others saying they grew up in damaged family even though this may not be true60 of all children will have spend time in single parent house hold before 16single parent households higher chance of becoming poor50 divorce rate 50 will re marryTypes of Familiesfamily of origin born intoextended family cousins aunts ectblended family mix of divorced familiesadopted familyraising children not of their ownfoster familytemp watching and nurturing children not of their ownsingle family1 parent with childrencultures differ on how they define a family ex African
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