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University of Waterloo
SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

GENDER Sex and Gender - Sex: determination of male/female on the basis of a set of socially agreed upon biological criteria - The division of human population is a Binary Construction: there are two categories in which we distinguish by (groups are polar opposites) hence the name “opposite sex”. i.e. a person is either female or female - Gender: Social distinctions between masculinity and femininity - Intersexed Individuals: hermaphrodites - Gender relations: organizing principles that shape and order interactions between as well as the relative social importance of women and men - Transgender: an umbrella term for a range of people who do not fit into normative and constructions of sex and gender - Transsexual: person who undergoes sex reassignment which may include surgeries Dominant forms of masculinity and femininity - Hegemonic Masculinity: normative ideal of dominant structures - Characteristics include aggressiveness, strengths, white, middle class - Emphasized femininity: based on compliance with women’s subordination to men Reproducing Gender: Families, Education and Media Families - Child rearing practices start at birth; a mother will respond to their baby girls cry faster than their baby boy’s cry - Receive toys based on gender Education - Through hidden curriculum girls will learn that they are not as important as boys - Teachers interact more with boys than with girls - Chilly Climate: women’s experiences on a university campus Gendered Bodies - Discern gender as a social practice is to examine gender and our bodies - Female athletes are rejecting notions of femininity - Muscular athletic body is a western cultural ideal Gender & Work - More married women have been hired since the 60’s - The gendered labour force: social class in two important senses; provides grounds for segregating occupations into men and women and women hold more lower-pauing positions - Many female workers work part-time as they are unable to look for full time opportunities - Gendered wage gaps occur in all occupation categori
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