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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

What is Sociology y It is the study of everything that people do Major areas of sociological inquirysociological theory culture socialization groupsorganizations crime and deviance social stratificationclass global stratification race and ethic relations sex and gender religion mass media Charles Wright Mills The Sociological Imagination y Developing an appreciation of how individual challenges are influenced by larger social forces Peter Bergery Seeing the general in the particular y Think about what is familiar and see it as strangeEngaging Your Sociological Imaginationy Our perception of ourselves and others are the products of many factors for example minority status gender socioeconomic status family structure urbanrural differences y How have factors such as these affected the person you have become todayPositivismif you believe there are truths of data that you can find out if you know how to conduct the experiment Two variablesyThere exists an objective knowable reality y Singular explanation y Value free Rejects each of the positivists assumptions Create your own reality Anti PositivismMacrosociology Refers to attempting to understand society as a whole MarxDurkhiem Microsociology Refers to attempting to understand individual or small group dynamics Meed Cooley BlumerClassical Social TheoriesSeeing the World Theoretically Theory is a statement that tries to explain how facts or events are related y Develop skills necessary to see the world from alternative perspectives y Each theorist offers unique insights into our social world y Objective vs Subjective reality y Epistemologyways of knowingClassical Sociological Theory 16001750 Thomas Hobbes 15881679 y People are responsible for creating their social worlds y Natural state how humans existed prior to the emergence of social structures y People are motivated by selfinterest and the pursuit of powerJohn Locke 16321794 y God was responsible for the emergence of society and government y Tabula Rasa people are born as blank slates y Right to selfpreservation and to private property y Individual autonomy and freedomFunctionalism y The social world is a dynamic interaction system of interrelated and interdependent partsy Social structures exist to help people fulfill their wants and desires y Human society is similar to an organism when it fails to work together the system will fail y Society must meet the needs of the majoritySymbolic Interactionism Conflict Quantitative Sociology Qualitative SociologyWhat do Sociologists doWhat is your sociological imaginationThe Origins of Sociology Classical Sociological Theories Chapter 1 Understanding the Sociological Imagination
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