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SOC 222
Jennifer Schulenberg

• Uncontrollable traits. ⁃ cannot control what we have biologically inherited. ⁃ nature vs. nurture. • pre-disposes criminal behaviour. • Somatotypes: studying the body type. the shapes that don't change - earlobes, shape of head, etc. ⁃ person's behaviour can be linked to shape of body. Can predict who will break the law. ⁃ started with Lombroso. ⁃ Have primitive urges. ⁃ individuals are born criminals. ⁃ Atavism. • William Sheldon ⁃ 200 boys research 15-21 ⁃ 3 body types: ⁃ Endotoxins - extroverted. ⁃ mesomorphs - most tied to delinquency! ⁃ ectomorphs - thin and fragile. avoids contact with other people. reflective. introverted. ⁃ balanced - does't fall completely in any of them but a mixer. • there could be no body type linking to delinquency. ⁃ could be social learning. • This has a bias/stereotype. ⁃ a lot of the mesos are sports players. It is required in their fields to be as such. • study was scratched 7 years later. Found that it was not an accurate way. MPA • MPA - disorders developed in the first trimester of pregnancy. • more MPA you have, the more aggressive you will be and result in more violent offending. Puberty • pre cautious puberty - going through puberty early. twins • criminal genes MAYBE pre-genetic due to crimogenic environment. ⁃ certain way they respond. ⁃ not all of the kids are becoming chronic disorde
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