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Lecture 7

SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Takers, Prison Reform, Forcible Entry

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Fred Desroches

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Prison Riots – Week 4 (Sept 26)
Hostage Taking
- There are a number of types of hostage taking
oCriminals who kidnap during bank robberies
oRioting inmates
oEmotionally distraught/psychologically distraught
Difficult to deal with, very emotional, extremely angry
Motivation is to get revenge, what they see as justice
Their target are the people who victimize or suppress them
Very paranoid – think that society is out to get them
Some of them commit suicide
Some kill their victims and then kill them selves afterwards
You can’t be rational with them; with a bank robber you can convince
them that they don’t want to die
This kind of hostage taking has some planning to it (Ex. going back to
there work place)
They get pleasure of seeking vengeance
Being in the limelight, the want people to know they have been
victimized  if they get their message out they will get some sympathy
They get power out of this  they can tell their hostages to do what they
want them to do
Makes it more difficult to negotiate with
Time works to the advantage of the police, these people are highly
emotionally people, they drain very fast (Ex. One time the individual fell
Hostage negotiators learn how to calm people down
The police would not bring in relatives and people they know b/c we do
not know their reaction
Politically motivated, political agenda
Individually or group of them
Some planning, very elaborate, some of them may be trained, in use of
weapons, firearms
Most difficult hostage takers to deal with
They take a route, religious route, nationality
Terrorists see themselves as fighting for a good cause, they are fighting
for their people
Try to attack the power that is oppressing them
Often they are willing to die for this cause
The government tries to negotiate, at the same time they get ready for
an attack
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