SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Serial Crime, Bagman, Armoured Fighting Vehicle

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SOC229 Module 9
Modus Operandi and Robbery
Introduction Modus Operandi and Robbery
Method of operation and is distinctive to robbers
Bank robbery is a serial crime that is typically committed in a similar manner
each time
Offenders who use a note pusher M.O. typically do not move to crews and
vice versa
The repetition of M.O. helps the Hold-Up Squad to link offenders to many of
their robberies
Planning the Crime
Robbers do not spend a great deal of time planning their crimes
Most offenders do not case out their target or put much effort into the
Selecting a Target
The getaway is often the most important factor in the selection of a target for
bank robbers
The choice of M.O. influences the type of getaway used and the selection of a
target bank
Getaways, Alarms, and Cameras
Most robbers are unconcerned about alarms and cameras
Robbers assume that they have approximately five minutes to get away after
an alarm has been hit
Most robbers wear at least a minimum disguise to thwart the use of bank
Doing the First Robbery
The first robbery is the most frightening
Some robbers report circling the block to get up their nerve
Subsequent robberies are less frightening because of the success of earlier
robberies and the confidence it engenders
M.O. and the Influence of the Mass Media
55% of Desroches' sample report being influenced by the media in the
selection of their M.O.
Most of these were influenced against the use of a firearm in the commission
of the offence
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