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Women's Studies
WS 102
Tina Davidson

WS 102 GROWING UP GIRLS: INFLUENCES OF EDUCATION/SOCIETY ON IDENTITY MARCH 25 INTRO - Process of socialization: how we learn to function as members of our social groups  Results in gender role identification  Socialization is a lifelong process, direct or intentional, subtle or blunt  Occurs everywhere because there are many agencies of socialization [parents, media] - Boys encouraged to adopt “doing” traits, taking action, pressured to develop into adult male - Girls encouraged to develop expressive traits, be emotional, empathetic EDUCATION SYSTEMS - Taught to not think of themselves as unique individuals, but one among many. A role to play to fit into society - North American schools reflect values/goals/ideologies of white heterosexual middle class - Education is not gender neutral because society is not gender neutral - Replaces roles belonging to family: acquiring social/work skills to become functioning members of society, transmission of cultural values, role modeling - Higher education positions mostly held by men  ¼ elementary teachers are male, 2/1 professors are male - Hidden curriculum: social is a gendered social institution teaching children how to manage themselves to become properly socialized adults. Begins early [
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