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91 Cell Division and Mitosis1 Describe the organization of genetic material in a cell 2 Describe the events that occur during the cell cycle including DNA replication and mitosis Reading 5 109130The purpose of cell division Singlecelled organisms like bacteria yeast and some protists reproduce every time a cell divides In multicellular organisms cell divisions leads to an increase in size of the organism growth or can replace dead or injured cells repairWhen a eukaryotic cell such as this amoeba divides all the organelles are partitioned between the two new cells mitochondria chloroplasts ribosomes endoplasmic reticulum lysosomes Golgi etc Each new cell must also have a complete copy of the genetic material DNA httpwwwmicroscopyukorgukmagartsep01amoebahtmlCell Division has three basic steps Duplication of the genetic material the DNA DNA is decondensed big ball of string while it is being copied It only condenses into chromosomes after it has been replicated Movement of the two copies of the DNA chromatids to opposite ends of the cell This is the process of mitosis Proteins called microtubules attach to duplicated chromosomes and pull them apart so that one copy of chromosome goes to each end of cell Cleavage of the cell into two daughter cells This occurs after mitosis is complete Cytokinesisdivision of cytoplasm GenomeSum of all genetic material in a cell ie all the DNAOur human genome consists of 32 Gigabases of DNA carried on 23 pairs of chromosomesIn Eukaryotes The DNA from one chromosome is an extremely long linear molecule Before cell division the DNA is coiled around histone proteins which allow it to become folded up into a much more compact structure aka the chromosomeBefore a cell can divide the DNA must be duplicated Every chromosome must have two sister chromatids see diagram above right
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