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Lecture 11

CENS 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Melamed, Lower East Side, Modern Warfare

Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
Course Code
CENS 202

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Cens 202, 003
February 9th, 2017
Lecture 11
The Image of America
All talked of it, but scarcely anybody knew one true fact about this magic land
Next year- in America! So there was our promised land
Singer family left originally in order to not let Miriam marry a Cossack
Mendel Listens to the Music of his Son
Meuhi’s usi reided hi of his hoe outr
Assignment 2:
Meaning of the Name
Animal Name
Chapters 1-V11
Jonas (dove)
Bear (22,30),
symbolic for Russia
Becomes soldier, flies
away, becomes a
Russian solider (other
Missing in WW1
Shemariah (God has
Fox (22,30)
Emigrates, Becomes
Sam (61), protected
throughout first part
of story, seems like
everything is working
out for him
Sam dies serving
in the WWI,
Deborah dies
hearing the news
Miriam (rebellious)
Gazelle (10,30)
Flees home (31), loves
soldiers (79), wants to
live differently than
her families life
Turns mad,
assimilates, life
is’t THAT,
Menuchim (Consoler)
Epileptic (15)
(Groans like an
Misfortune (23)
Becomes famous,
The End:
Family essentially all fell apart except for Menuchin
Mendel isolated himself upon arrival in America, remains detached
o As if he a’t e i Aeria if he is ot followig the Aeria Drea
Focus on Mendel: Is it a religious story about Job (by retelling the biblical story)?
o Story of Job: Healthy man who lost everything (spouse, children, house); Mendel
was never healthy to begin with, never lost his health
o Job in the bible: Never loses his belief; Mendel revokes his God by symbolically
taking off his hat
Focus on Menuchim (Consoler): Does the story have a realisitic ending? Which role
plays the music in the novel?
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