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Chem 235: Experiment 3 – Recrystallization Equipment: - (x1) West condenser - (x2) 50mL Erlenmeyer flask with ground glass joints - (x1) 50mL Erlenmeyer flask - (x2) Rubber tubing - (x1) Buchner funnel - (x1) Glass filtering funnel - (x1) Filtervac - (x1) Filtering flask - (x1) 100mL beaker - (x1) Spatula - (x1) Glass rod - (x2) Watchglasses - (x1) Dropper - (x1) Filter paper - (x1) 2-pronged clamp - (x1) Hotplate Chemicals: - Benzoic Acid o Mild irritant to skin, eyes, mucous membranes o Put in “solid waste” container - Acetanilide o Use cautiously o Put in “solid waste” container o Small amounts may be washed down sink - Norit o Potential fire hazard o Contamination with oxidants may cause ignition or explosion o Put in “solid waste” container - Celite o Avoid inhaling dust particles o Put in “solid waste” container Procedure: 1. Weigh about 0.5g of crude solid and record exact weight 2. Place solid and a boiling chip into a 50mL Erlenmeyer flask with a ground glass joint 3. Add enough recommended solvent to cover the solid 4. Set up apparatus for reflux 5. Heat mixture to boiling and swirl the flask while it is being heated a. If compound has not fully dissolved, add small amounts of solvents, via condenser until the solid JUST dissolves 6. If there are coloured, soluble impurities: a. Cool solution briefly until you can comfortably touch the flask without burning yourself b. Add Norit (0.5cm on the tip of spatula) and Celite (twice the amount of Norit) and a fresh boiling chip c. Add about ¼ of the vo
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