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Classical Studies
CLST 105
Siobhan Mc Elduff

PERSEUS (282-287, 950-954) “Lord Ragian and the Heroic Pattern” (textbook/online)  holy sepulchers – tomb where hero is worshipped Danae and the Brazen tower  Danae is daughter of Acrisius, King of Argos  Impregnated by Zeus in a shower of gold  Danae locked in a box along with Persues by Acrisius and throws it in the ocean but saved by Zeus  Prevents the box from sinking and washes them ashore on Seriphus, where Polydectus was King  Raised in a far off land by foster-parents  Polydectus wants to marry Danae  Polydectus wants a horse, so Perseus leaves to find the head of Medusa  Gets to borrow Hermes winged sandals  Perseus and the Graiae (Sisters of Gorgon) o Graiae : three women who share one eye o Perseus forces them to tell him and answer his questions by threatening them with their eye  Find a nymph to give him tools to kill Medusa  Need to ask Hermes for Winged Sandals and Cap of Invisibility and Athena for a Shiny Bronze Shield and a pouch and adamantine sickle  Perseus flies off to find the Gorgon o Gorgon from the Pedient of the Temple of Artemis, Corfu  Gorgon : 2 immortal, 1 mortal (Medusa)  Medusa  Ability to turn men into stone  Golden wings and hair of snakes is a symbolic link of upper and lower worlds in one figure.  Link to Lower World – Gorgon cave, which represents the Underworld  Link to Upper World shows connection with the sacred horses who pulls chariot of the sun  Makes love to (or raped by) Poseidon; comes to her in the form of a horse  Offsprings – Chrysaor, a human warrior and Pegasus, winged horse who flies across the heavens pulling the chariot of Zeus bearing his thunderbolts (variant of a sunchariot) 
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