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Lecture 17

Lecture 17

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Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 17Civil War Crossing of the Rubicondeclaration of war Pompeys forces outnumbered Caesars Most of them were in Spain Caesar popular with the Italian cities Battle of Corfinium 49 BCE Only battle in Italy Ahenobarbus Pompeys general Handed over by troops Army surrenders to Caesar Clementia How Caesar treats those who surrendered to him Refused to execute people Gained popularity and Ahenobarbuss army Pompey heads for Greece to amass a large army Very popular in the east Caesar didnt have a fleet so couldnt immediately follow Heads to Spain instead I am off to meet an army without a leader and when I return I shall meet a leader without an army Caesar defeats Pompeys Spanish army 49 BCE Returns to Rome elected consulHeads east to Greece Mark Antony stays in Italy Brindisium to handle affairs GreeceDyrrhacium 48 BCE Caesar defeated by Pompey 22k vs 45kPharsalus Aug 48 BCE Vows a temple to Venus
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