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Frankenstein Lecture 4

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ENGL 221
Tara Lee

Lecture 4 The Creatures Socialization Learns to distinguish between basic animalistic needs vs other higher level emotional needs Community love respect admirationUnable to satisfy emotional needsNeeds to be accepted to society first Condensed childhoodadolescence Compressed socialisation vs a child that goes through this process more gradually Can see these elements as constructed and offers up alternatives or his own conceptions of certain elements eg moralityNegotiates the distinction between the essentialnature and civilizationsociety By being outside he is part of it Learns and wrestles with interpellation The act of being called into a category and acceptinginternalizing that category For instance being called a name By responding to it admitting to it Genderracial as social constructs Normativerelative standards of beauty 111Judging beauty is not innate Decides cottagers are beautifulCompares them to himself Technologyinnovation 111Civilisations ability to come up with improvements to their lives Arts musicliterature Class and economics poverty 114 Government propriety religion nationality race 122 Morality and evil vs justice Property and money 123 Gender
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