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University of British Columbia
Food, Nutrition and Health
FNH 200
Azita Madadi- Noei

Lesson1 Food science and Canadian Food System Food science the application of the principles of science engineering and mathematics in order to study and acquire new knowledge on the physical chemical and biochemical nature of foodsStudies the production processing preparing evaluating and use of food correspondingfood technology utilization processingpreservation and storage of food Canadian food systemsGrown local cropswidespread in CanadaEgSeafood major in BC and Atlantic Imported foodagricultureal commodities finished food products and ingredienctBut has the reach the same standard in Canada The trend of food consumptionMore than 50of People tend to prepare food at home instead of eating outThe fastest growing gategory readytodrink teacoffeecheapNew trendsfocus on health concerns environment animal welfare and consumer acceptance of novel processes Lesson 2 Chemical and Physical Properties of Food Sugars saccharides 1for sweetening2produce body and mouth feel3Texturehot supersaturated sugar crystal texture such as hard candy 4 Simple sugars Soluble in watercontains OH groups 5 Can be crystallized from solution 6 Can inhibit growth 7 Can be fermentedproduce acids and alcohol 8 Caramelize at high temperature Carbohydrates polysaccharidesstarch cellulose pectin and glycogenSimple sugar monosaccharidesGlucose primary form storing in body for energyFructose found in food such as fruits and honeyDisaccharides Sucroseglucose fructose most common low cost eg maple syrupNew trend Invert sugar produced by hydrolyzing sucrose with the enzyme invertase or with acid to produce a mixture of glucose fructose
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