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HIST 325 Lecture Notes - Stout, Clifford Sifton, Protestantism

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HIST 325
Jonathan Newell

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What was the national plan for a Canadian West? (1870s-1890s)
Formally: group of tariffs to promote and protect Canadian manufacturing
(Eastern provinces)
Broader goal: to create east-west trade relations, a national market, and a
transcontinental political-economic union
What was the role and importance of Rupert's Land in national development?
Was the breadbasket of Canada
No technology to extract oil (more expensive to extract oil than its sale price)
Partners in development
Why did the HBC become a partner in developing the breadbasket?
HBC converted to retail and real estate
Knew grounds and people
Got lots of cash and land (close to posts-transport points)
20% of arable (farming) land to develop --> incentives
How important was CPR as a partner in development?
Very important
Received 20 miles of land either way of the railway which they could sell
Why did Canada retain control over prairie lands and natural resources?
Dominion Lands Act 1872 aimed to encourage settlement and natural resource
development of Canada's Prairie Provinces
Similar to US homestead scheme
Encouraged mass immigration campaign and attracted domestic settlers
Offered 160 acres free to any man over 18, and any woman who was the head
of the household
Conditional upon living on acreage and improving it quickly, eligible to
purchase a neighbouring plot
Allowed Bloc settlement (bring whole communities)
Why didn't settlement work (pre-1896)?
US lands more attractive
HBC and CPR tied up half the arable lands, which were for sale, not free
Free land farms too far from railway points
Available strains of wheat not successful
Some success stories in innovation, after 1896:
Marquis wheat:
Canadian breadbasket owes much to dominion government scientists who
developed early-maturing Marquis wheat for semi-arid soils; world-
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