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HIST 325
Jonathan Newell

Review: Unlikely Canadian Persons of International Interest (Pauline Johnson, Lucy Montgomery)  Johnson's background (half-Mohawk, half-British)  Writers during that period were less known (usually not persons of International interests)  Published mostly when single  Why was Johnson so special? ◦ Developed a unique stage persona ◦ Performed (1982-1909) her patriotic poetry and short stories in Canada, US, England ◦ Poems and internationally-famous performances celebrated equally her Indian heritage and her patriotism for Canada and the British Empire ◦ Supported widowed mother 1884-1898 with her published poetry and performances ◦ Well-educated; graduated from white high school 1877 ◦ Mixed ancestry; fame quickly faded because no actual performances anymore  Her legacy ◦ Died in Vancouver sick and poor; buried in Stanley Park ◦ Her reputation quickly faded; “mixed-blood”  Why was Montgomery so special? ◦ Anne of Green Gables; instant success; 20 languages; 50 million copies (marketed as a children's book) ◦ Maternal feminist but her writings advocated for education and independent spirit for women ◦ Earliest woman in Canada to earn living writing full-time ◦ Writing set in tiny PEI so she put it “on the map”  Background ◦ Began publishing stories for payment at age of 14; well educated for a female of her day (2 years of university plus teacher's college in 1880s) ◦ Her own childhood inspired her Anne of Green Gable novel, published when she was 34 ◦ Supported herself and her widowed grandmother from 1898 to 1911 by writing; published 100 stories before theAnne novel in 1908 ◦ Married at 37 a Presbyterian minister, lived in Ontario; had 3 sons (only 1 died) but wrote full-time (50%) ◦ Suffered depression; likely took her own life  How and Why remembered? ◦ First female in Canada: 1 order of the British empire; fellow of the royal society of arts in England ◦ 8 book-length biographies of her so far ◦ Canada post commemorative stamp (1975) ◦ Person of national historic significance (1943)  Lecture: Canadian Response to the Great War: The Politics of Entering a War ◦ The prelude 1910-1911 ▪ 1910 Quebec Nationalist Henri Bourassa opposed the Laurier government's Naval Bill (free trade with US) ▪ Argued it allowed the Cabinet to turn over its proposed Canadian Navy to the BritishAdmiralty without the permission of Parliament ▪ We have seen this before re: Liberal cabinet's approval of sending
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