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Cosmological Arguments P2

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University of British Columbia
PHIL 101
Christopher Stephens

Objections to Aquinas (1) Even if every event has a cause, it doesn’t follow that there has to be a first event (2) Even if we grant that each causal chain must have a beginning – an uncaused cause – does it follow that there is a single uncaused cause that is the origin of all causal chains? NO. Every even tracing back to one cause is not the same as on cause causing all events. Dependent Being: A being whose existence is accounted for by the causal activity of other things. Self-Existing Being: A being whose existence is accounted for by its own nature Defending (Aquinas’ P2) Principle of Sufficient Reason: A Cosmological Argument P1: Every being is either a dependent being or a self-existent (independent) being. P2: There exists an independent (self-existent) being or every being is dependent. P3: Not every being can be a dependent being. C1: Hence, there exists a self-existent being. C2: Hence, there exists a necessary being (i.e., God). Why not just accept that sometimes, something’s do not have a reason? Objecting (Aquinas’ P2) Principle of Sufficient Reason:
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