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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320: lecture 32 Friendship: bulk of material looking at same sex friendship and people who are heterosexual minorities are rarely looked at in research regarding friendship are there sex similarities in same sex friendship? males and females have comparable amounts of friends no sex differences in amounts of friends network size is the same Desired characteristics: people seek friends who are similar to themselves when asked to list characteristics that are most important both males and females say trust and authenticity are the most important both males and females seek the same things out of friendships both sexes seek primarity affective emotional support Boys have the same knowledge about their friends even though there is greater disclosure through female friendships are there sex differences in same sex friendship? group size during play: females play in pairs, with one other female. and boys are more likely to play in larger groups Females are more likely to report having a best friend and report greater association of being in cliques Males have a higher tolerance of diversity within their friendship circles this could be because males use less self di
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