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The Family

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SOCI 100
Chris Mac Kenzie

SOCI100Week 5 Lecture 1Oct 609The Familyfamily rst main organizationinstitution of socialization we come into contact Mother father happy Two kidsboygirl House with lawnDoggolden retrieverMinivan volvoalways been minority form We come from different families But idealized this form Family researchers want to know whyTraditional Nuclear Family emerged during Enlightenment1800sVictorian eraHeyday in 1950sideological spacesFamiliesWhen we think about family think about them as families Natural always been around What weve had to do is politicize the family Understand the family as a politicaleconomic formfarming communities have more kidsput them to work on the farmsaid that thedirectly related to our economytype of family we have isFamily shape we experience isnt natural accident Deliberate constructionConstruct it to make sure it deals with economy type of work we are expected to dodad goes to work Assume it to be natural but isnt politicssocialize kids with prevailing ideologies systemsModernContemporary FamilyAll kinds of different family forms eg Blended families divorced and married again single parents moms adopted kids commonlaw gaylesbian coupleskinshipHistorically family based on When think of family think of blood tiesAlso community sense of nurturing support unconditional love Agreement between parties to live together enjoy life more live life easier Dont need bloodWhether blood or anything else its not a legal denition Family is not a legal cultural construct Turned it into law but didnt originate that waydenitionNotion that we expect inheritance because of legal norms but just customtraditionritualbasis of family marriageReasonsEconomic cooperationNormative Sexual activity monogamyregulate sexual behaviourChild RearingLegitimizedjustied through lawsreligionstraditionshave a deliberate agendaAnthropologicalhistorical studies show that traditional nuclear familynot naturaluniversal in formThe family form of any historical period is directly related to the dominant economic and cultural beliefs of the timeEconomic cultural inheritancethen why do we aspire to TNFBorn into society that for generations has said to have kids have to be married Society expects us to be marriedCollective memories Look back and see that thats what most families do Seen as natural inevitableSociologists as a studybreak down familyuncover inconvenient factsnomads gatherersHad families But more communityorientedInfanticide well known Kill offspring to keep some aliveEqual division of labourpower in householdHuntersmen But 75 of food came from gatherers women Shared economic responsibilitiesChildrearinglooking after kids more egalitarian Agricultural RevolutionEstablishment of Private PropertyBig families Stay in one place Have many kidsInfanticide common Dont need 15 kids to work farm Or send kids away to be raised by someone elseParents tended to hold onto farms as long as possibly could No cultural agreement that sonsdaughters would look after parents Industrial RevolutionFamily form we recognize is a combination of working class and middle classMiddle class family emerged in IR IRgoing out to work for somebody else Getting hiredcome back at end of day Tiredworking is hard Desire to go home Lasch described IR family as a haven in a heartless worldChristopherWhen looking at family see consistent patterns families moving from country to cityMale getting job at factoryWomenchildren working in factories as wellbut surplus When needed more labour brought in womenkidsMost families in citiespoor working class Contributions of the Victorian Working Class to the TNF1 Teens would stay homebring wages back to support familyStaying at home One of big trends living home until 20s 1990sdriven by fact that we move out then move back home
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