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SOCI 100
Chris Mac Kenzie

Lecture Sept 9Tuesday September 9 2014618 PMSociology is the study of the obvious and the uncovering of inconvenient factsthe business of myth busting6 more if youre a dad and you get hired 4 less if youre a mother and get hired for a jobWe justify such acts because we also believe that mothers are better care givers than fathers men should be the ones bringing home Why dont mothers get paid more if they have more responsibility than fathersIf you are attending a Canadian university your classmates probably come from families in the upper half of the income ladder community college Classmates come from more modest meansIf we believe that men are the better care givers we would treat them that wayHow we behave Keeps our society goingHow do you get people in the same small area to behave similarilyHow do we change the dark underbelt How can we improve thingsWe are a rights based societyConcept of a jobThe idea of getting a job is an enlightenment idea prior to 1800 mostly self employed independent contractorsa secondary job was a secondary incomeSocial NetworkingMost social networks free because of data mining When you sign up you give so much of your informationMore connected than any other time in history through social media contradicts itself by higher loneliness rates for 18 yearolds than seniors44 report loneliness all connected to social networks losing self worth ex friends going to Barbados doing this and thatIm here sitting reading a bookAge of the HyperInformationConsumerismBehaviourCommunicationTechnologyUrban Life EntitlementControlInstagram HyperlapseSlow Food movement kids are getting fat because rushing fast food easy to make to rush from one place to another Need to slow down and sit down to enjoy a mealSociety is created through our use of symbols tradition and rituals we use language and behaviour to create these symbols Etc Through this creation we give meaning to symbols Etc once this done we have the basis for various belief systems normsvaluesTHE MORE WE RESPECT THESE BELIEF SYSTEMS NORMS OR VALUES THE MORE PERMANENT THEY BECOME IN SOCIETY These symbols trad rituals norms and beliefs give order to society a regular pattern to our lives These patterns are what sociologists call social forces or structuresMacrosociologistsMicrostructuresChanging behaviour changes structureEx Stealing is bad What if we started stealing and decided that it was okay and stopped punishing people for it That wouldcreate change in our macro structuresociety Laws never change anything the day it goes onto the law it was because we as a society changed our attitudes about it over time If we put a law we are not ready for it would not go throughWe are the most socially tolerable generation survey saysOlder people tend to pull down toleration rates because they were taught that things were wrong they were brought up in family with beliefs that it was wrongInequality is difference politiciseThey are marginalised or excluded populationsMichael Brown example less to do with shooting more to do with discrimination of the citys black population60 of the citys population are black 54 police officers 3 are African AmericanResources means food shelter education good jobs political office various rights and privileges etcThis is the basis for discriminationExample of discriminationHilary Clinton asked over and over again if having children would affect her presidential campaign Meanwhile Mitt Romney had so many grandchildren during his campaign and yet nobody asked that question onceStephen Harper terror threats are no time for sociologySociological Imagination C Wright Mills
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