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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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EDUC 4380U
David Gray

November 6, 2012  Bullying o In groups of 2 discuss a time when you were bullied  How old were you?  Describe the situation.  How was it dealt? o Bullying often comes from their own friends o Definitions: the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others  Can include harassment, threat or assault  Can be on the base of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability or just being different  Types include, emotional, verbal, physical or cyber-bullying o KidPower  Organization in US that provides workshops to people (and seminars and retreats) about bullying and character building  Facts (pertinent to the states)  160 000 students stay home every day because of bullying  83% bullying incidents received no interventions  Male bullying is generally physical in nature  Female bully is more verbal (rumours)  Only 50% of elementary or secondary teachers have any training in bullying prevention  80% students reporting bullying saying that it happens in school  Which means it is something we will have to deal with in our classrooms o Solution?  Increased awareness  Do we create a culture of respect, caring and safety?  Many school boards have character education  Virtues  Are children adequately supervised before and after school, during recess?  Respond forcefully and respectively  Stop the knee jerk reactions, rather than getting emotional a
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