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Lecture 9

ADM 2337 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Problem Solving, Central Tendency, Performance Appraisal

Course Code
ADM 2337
Magda Donia

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Lecture 9
Performance Management and the Employee Appraisal Process
Performance Management
!Goal: Create a work environment in which people can perform to
the best of their abilities.
Performance appraisals
!Annual/biannual process
!Manager evaluates employee’s performance
!You’re measuring what was in the job description
Purpose of performance appraisal (Figure 8.2)
App. Program
o!Job evaluation
o!EE support
o!Individual evaluation
o! Career planning
!Not usually very effective
Why appraisal programs sometimes fail
!Lack of top-management information and support
!Unclear performance standards
!Rater bias
!Too many forms to complete
!Use of the appraisal program for conflicting purposes
Establishing Performance Standards
!Figure 8.4
Who should appraise performance?
!Manager/Supervisor Appraisal
!Subordinate Appraisal
o!For better judgment
o!Better to be used for developmental performance
!Peer Appraisal
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