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Lecture 13

ADM 3321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Cognitive Dissonance, Nordstrom, Tequila

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ADM 3321
Michael Mulvey

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Lecture 13
Customer Attitudes: Cognitive and Affective
What are Attitudes?
!A lasting, general evaluation of people (including oneself), objects,
or issues.
o!Vary from negative through neutral to positive
o!Are formed in terms of personal relevance
Why do Consumers Have Attitudes?
!Katz’s Functional Theory: Attitudes help people achieve their basic
Components of an Attitude:
!The ABC Model

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!Any part of your attitude is supported by 2 other elements
Hierarchy of Effects: “What Order?”
!Things unfold in a sequence
!You think first, you form some feelings, then you follow up with
your actions: high involvement
!You think first, you act, then you form feelings: low involvement
!You form feelings, you act, then you think back: hedonic
o!e.g. tequila drinking and next day regrets

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o!a lot of social marketing recognizes that people do things
!Getting people to care enough so they can think through the
process: high involvement
!People are not reading the fine print when buying meds, in public
health this segmentation model is cared for.
o!Regulate laws for package labeling
Forming Attitudes
!Three strategic means of influence:
o!Via cognitive change
o!Via affective change
o!Via behavior change
!!Doing something behavioural that gives an advantage
!Women starting to paint their houses themselves
!Loyal model on the paint because of the packaging as it makes it
easier for women to use: hold, open and close the lid, avoid making
a mess.
!Feelings and thoughts that go along with it
!United Colours of Benetton: sociopolitical message
Creating Favorable Attitudes
!Attitude Toward the Advertisement (Aad)
!What specific feelings do the ads invoke?
!When watching ad ask “are you the target of the ad or not?”
!We chose ends that lead to positive outcomes
!We seek certain outcomes and avoid negative outcomes
!Compare between women of 1st and 2nd Nordstrom ad
!1st ad: she wanted to look good, she takes his breath away, he
looses sense of time, Nordstrom are partner in making her look
fabulous (clothes, shoes, makeup she’s wearing)
!2nd ad: mom there waiting for her son to show up, women in her
position would wish they were younger or felt younger
!Actual and ideal self: age has a huge role in that
!Nordstrom helped her get the attention from the guy
!What is your level of involvement with this consumer buying
o!Compliance: Formed to attain rewards or avoid punishments
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