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University of Ottawa
Matthew Archibald

Chapter 7 - Managers & Managing Objectives  definition of management  managerial functions – functions they should play (maybe not all the time), including (but not limited to) planning & leader o the planning function – internal to org o the leadership function – internal to org  corporate culture - very important internally to orgs Definition of management The process of using resources to achieve goals effectively & efficiently It is a process – has a start and a finish, defined duration of time. Action items that have to take during that process. We will look at the process Using Resources – human, capital, technological, financial, knowledge etc – resources that an org has that we use to achieve some time of goal (short or long term desired result) (goals & objectives used interchange often); something that the org wants to achieve. Ideally, you want to achieve that result effectively and efficiently Efficiency - the amount of resources incurred to produce goods & services (doing things right) - Use the least amount of resources to have the outcome you want Effectiveness - how well the organization is doing in meeting its goals (doing the right things) – is what we are doing appropriate for our org? 2007 – Blackberry had a solid business model, they were the business phone. They said nobody was going to use apps or a touch screen. They were no doubt efficient with their operations, but they were not very effective because they lost sight of what was going on in the industry long term. Manager – the person responsible for supervising resources to achieve goals. Functions – what do you have to do as the manager? - Depending on what level of manager you are, there will be certain skills that you draw. - Ie big decisions, vision, long-term goals  not the first level manager, these are conceptual skills for a top-level manager who will have to diagnose the problem and understand the cause and effect. - At the first level management, you will need technical skills specific to the dept. - As the CEO you need to look at the big picture but you don’t need to know everything about all the functions. - There are different needs at different levels - As you go up the chain of command, the conceptual skills will be more important. As a middle manager you will need both technical and conceptual. Technical skills are very important for bottom level managers. - HR mgmt. skills / ability to manage ppl – you will need this for all levels of mgmt.. - Time mgmt. skills – at all levels Managerial functions  Henri Fayol was the first to describe the 4 managerial functions - POLC o planning: used to select goals & a course of action  5 steps – select goals and ways to achieve those goals  Establish goals  Is there a gap?  Develop plan  Implement plan  Assess  Ie a couple of years ago mcdonalds: they realized there was a gap between the desired result (coffee / bfast) and what they were currently doing… th
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