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Chapter 11 and 12

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University of Ottawa
Ajax Persaud

S\`W^ŵŵ W^b UW_ÊWZ`SZY TW ^[VaU` [[V_SZVW^b UW_ W_[aVa_W\^[VaU`_SZV_W^b UW_Ta`\^[VaU`_USZ^WXW^`[_W^b UW_S_[ ^[VaU`_S^WS\_ US` ZYSZVS_W^b UW _ Z`SZY TW[aUSZ`_WW `XWW `[^ `[aU `SZ!"ScW^_WSUW^_S^WS_W^b UW [[V_$SZY TW%É'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ÉW^b UW_$Z`SZY TW% W^b UW_S^W Z_W\S^STW[aTa`W(SZV[aU[Z_a(W`W(S``W_S(W` (W W^_[Zc[ _\^[VaU ZY`W_W^b UW _\^[VaU ZYS``W_S(W` (WS_[aS^W U[Z_a( ZY W^b UW_S^WbS^ STWTWUSa_W`W([[V[X`W\W^_[Z[^`W_WZ [^ `[X`W\W^_[Z SZV[c(aU_W!Z[c_W`U"WbW[X`^S Z ZYSZVW)\W^ WZUWUSZ(WSZS_W^b UW _ W__bS^ STWTa`_W^b UW_VW\WZV[Z`W\W^_[Z [VS[aS^WS\\[aY bWS_W^b UW`[([^^[c[aS^W_SVSZVY bWSTSV _W^b UW [aUSZZ[`!WW\_W^b UW_ ZSZ ZbWZ`[^ [a` [Z_* S!W_a^WS[US` [Z_\^[b V ZY`W_W^b UWSbWS_ ( S^S`([_\W^W bW\W[\WST^WS!_[`WV[Z`Y bWS\[[^_W^b UWZ'US_ X`_X^[(W(\[WW_ _[_[(W\SZZ ZYSZVSZS_ _`[_WW`^WZV_SZV\S``W^Z_ S\TW`cWWZcS`Ua_`[(W^W)\WU`_SZVcS`Ua_`[(W^YW`_$)S(\W`W` (W ` `S!W_`[TW_W^bWV% S\_S^W\W^_[Z'_\WU X U`WVW\WZV[ZWbW^[ZW a_`[(W^É'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ÉW^b UW ^[b VW^ WS\_ [VW ' .Z[cWVYWS\Ê ' `SZVS^V_S\Ê[a_W`S_`SZVS^VTa``W_`SZVS^V _Z``W[ZW[a W)\WU`XS_`SZVS^V __W`Ta``WUa_`[(W^S^^ bW_c `SV XXW^WZ` _`SZVS^V)S(\W*)\W^ WZUWW`_[aS^^ bWS`SV XXW^WZ`_`SZVS^V` W[acS `Ź( Za`W_[Z`W\[ZWSZVS`[YW^_[acS `ŷŴ_[cWZ [aUS[YW^_[ac W)\WU`Ź( Za`W_ ' W bW^S\Ê ' [((aZ US` [ZS\Ê[aS^WS_! ZY`W(_[(W` ZYSZV`WS^WY b ZY [aSU[(\W`WV XXW^WZ`SZ_cW^WUSa_WS[`[XX^a_`^S` [ZSZV[a^ ([[VUSZYW__[[a`W(SZ\W[\WST[a``WTSV_W^b UW 5[cV[[aVWSc ``W_WYS\_6 bSaS` ZYW^b UWaS `W ST `W_\[Z_ bWZW____a^SZUW(\S` SZY TW_ÙÙÙÙ )S(]aW_` [Z* _` _SZW)S(\W[XW ST `W_\[Z_ bWZW____a^SZUW (\S`[^SZY TW_$ SZ]aW_` [Z_% \\WS^SZUW _SaYW\S^`[X_W^b UWVW bW^XcWV[Z`[[!Y[[V`Wc :aVYW a_SZVc[Z`Y bWa_`W_S(W_W^b UW$[ ZY`[`WTSZ! ZS_a `b__cWS`_%; `aVWZ`_S`S^W_`Sa^SZ``W\W[\W!Z[c`Wc[Z`TWTSV` \\W^__[`WV[Z` cSZ``[_W^bW`W(SZVS__ YZ`W(`[SZ[`W^cS `W^ ZVW^_`SZV ZYa_`[(W^_*`^[aYU[(\S Z`_ Z`W^b Wc_X[Ua_Y^[a\_W`U =[ZW[X[W^SZUW* [a( Y`W)\WU`SVW bW^ Zŷ( Za`W_Ta``WVW bW^ ` ZŸ'Ź( Za`W_[a c[Z`YW`a\_W`a` X `_?'@'ŵŴ( Za`W_[ac YW`X^a_`^S`WV WW bW^S\*W bW^ ZYW^b UWaS `* (\[cW^[a^W(\[WW_^WVaUWVW bW^YS\_\^[b VW_a\\[^`SZV ZUWZ` bW_ a_W[X`WUZ[[Y WVaU ZYVW bW^YS\ _W[X`WUZ[[Y$\\W[aUSUa_`[(W^_W^b UWSZV`W_S[aUSZV[`W _S(W[Z ZW% S\`W^ŵŶÊ ^ U ZY[ZUW\`_SZV`^S`WY W_ X[^_`ST _ ZYSaW SZ]aW_` [Z_[ZUS\`W^ŵŶX[^X ZSÙÙÙWSVUS^WXa Ź_ ŵ Ê[ \SZ TWU`bW_ ' ^[X `^ WZ`S` [Z † S) ( CW\^[X `_ † S^YW`^W`a^Z\^ U ZY † S^YW`\^[X `\^ U ZY ' SW_^ WZ`S` [Z ' [(\W` `[^^ WZ`S` [Z* [Z `[^`WU[(\W` ` [ZS`W` (WSZV\^ UW [a^\^[VaU`ST[bWTW[c[^W]aS`[[ ' a_`[(W^^ WZ`S` [Z*W`[a^\^ UW_`[\WS_WU[Z_a(W^_bSaW'TS_WV \^ U ZY` _V XX Ua`TWUSa_WWbW^Ua_`[(W^S_SV XXW^WZ` VWS[XcS` `WbSaW _ WUSZSbW[ZWU[(\SZ_`^S`WYX[^S\^[VaU` ZWSZVSZ[`W^_`^S`WYX[^ SZ[`W^\^[VaU` ZW U[(\SZ W_S^WVW_ YZ`[YWZW^S`WS\^[X `Ta`\^[X ` _Z[``W[ZU^ `W^ S`W a_W ZTa_ ZW__`W_[aVSbWSU[Z_U [a_SZVa_WW` U_ ^[X ` _S(W`[V[X ^W`a^Z`[_S^W[VW^_ Ŷ Êa_`[ W^ ^ UWWS_` U `[XVW
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