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Chapter 5

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Magda Donia

Ŷŷŷź S\`W^ŹÊ]a` W[^ W[^W_[X[^ [`bS`[Z ]a ` W[^ [` bS` [Z_`W_X^[SU[\S^ _[Z[X` W Z\a`_[ZW ZbW_`_ ZS[TSZV ` W[a`U[W_[ZW^WUW bW_ ZU[\S^ _[Zc ` ` W Z\a`_SZV[a`U[W_[X SZ[` W^\W^_[Z[^Y^[a\ !ZV b VaS"_S^W[` bS`WV`[S Z`S ZSZW]a `ST"WW#U SZYW^W"S` [Z_ \ #S\"W!X!\W^UW bWVU[""WSYaW_[a`U[W_S`c[^$`[TW Y W^` SZ ZW%SZV_ WS"cS_"WX`[Z` W%c "W!_`SWV[bW^` W%SZV\a""WV `[YW` W^"[[_WWZV_X[^` Wc[^$SZVV VW#`^Sc[^$%W`cWYW`` W_SW \S%` WZ!c ""YW`SXWW" ZY[XZW]a` SU` U_a_WV`[^W_`[^WXWW" ZY_[XW]a ` [__ T"WSU` U_X[^WVaU ZY!ZW]a ` W^UW\`aS""V _`[^`_[ZW(_[cZ Z\a`_[^[a`U[W_ Œ ºa_`XUS`[Z)!V[\a` Z[bW^` W%Ta`!V[_\WZVS"[`[X` W[Z` W Z`W^ZW`%S$W\ [ZWUS""_SZVU WU$WS "S"[` * W^UW\`aS""V _`[^`` W Z\a`_[^[a`U[W_[X` WU[\S^ _[Z\W^_[Z[^ Y^[a\ Œ ºa_` X US` [Z)!(_a^W_ W`S$W_ W^c[^$ [W%[^^WSV_ W^WS "_ S` [W*` _\_U ["[Y US"W#W^U _WS$W_a_XWW"TW``W^SZV^W_`[^W_ XWW" ZY_[XW]a ` [[_WSZ[` W^U[\S^ _[Z\W^_[Z[^Y^[a\ Œ ºa_` X US` [Z) STW` _\W^_[Zc [S$W_[^W[ZW _SZ SZ[S",!c ""U[\S^W_W"X`[[` W^_c [S^W" $WW*!`[XXW^_S cS[XW#\"S Z ZY` W\W^_ _`WZ`cSYWYS\TW`cWWZYWZVW^_-.[WZ `WZV`[U[\S^W` W_W"bW_`[c[WZ%SZVWZ`WZV`[U[\S^W ` W_W"bW_`[WZ ]a `` W[^`WZV_`[W#\"S Z` _%cWV[Z(`XWW" XWW" ZY_[X ZW]a `TWUSa_WcWU[\S^W[a^_W"bW_`[` W_SW YWZVW^ / "`W^[ZW(_ Z\a`_[^S"`W^[ZW(_[a`U[W_ Œ WSb[a^S`SU`U!X[a_`S[bW^` WS"[`%_`[\_`S ZY[bW^` W!X [acSZ``[S$Wa\X[^"[_`` W%[aUSZTWY Z`[TWST_WZ` -WSbW` WW#U SZYW^W"S` [Z_ \ Œ WSb[a^S`SU`U _`[a_`"WSbW X[aV[Z(`" $W` WW#U SZYW ^W"S` [Z_ \ SZSYW^ S"!\" US` [Z_[X]a ` W[^ W^UW bWVaZVW^\SWZ`c "" SbWSbS^ W`[XZWYS` bW[` bS` [ZS" U[Z_W]aWZUW_ ZVW^_`SZV ZY` W^["W[XU[\S^ _[Z\W[\"W _U^ ` US" cS^WZW__[X` WU[\S^ _[Z\W[\"WU [_WZTc[^$W^_ Y `_aYYW_` _`^S`WY W_X[^^WVaU ZY\W^UW\` [Z_[X ZW]a ` [[S"W`` ZY W[^ [[S"_S^W[` bS` [ZS"TWUSa_W Œ WV^WU`S``WZ` [Z`[cS^VY[S"^W"WbSZ`SU` b ` W_ Œ W"WSV`[Y^WS`W^WXX[^` Œ W ZU^WS_WSZV\^["[ZY›W^__`WZUW Œ W"WSV`[` WV _U[bW^SZVa_W[X`S_$^W"WbSZ`_`^S`WYW_X[^Y[S" S``S ZWZ` [[S"_S^W[_`[` bS` [ZS"c WZ` WS^W-ŵ/\WU X U%-Ŷ/ S""WZY ZY% c WZ[^YSZ 3S` [ZS"WTW^_S^W-ŷ/U[ ``WV`[` W%SZV-Ÿ/XWWVTSU$ ST[a`\^[Y^W__`[cS^VY[S"S``S ZWZ` _\^[b VWV SZSYW^ S"!\" US` [Z_[X[[S"W`` ZY W[^ SZSYW^__ [a"V_W`_\WU X USZVU S""WZY ZYY[S"_SZV\^[b VW[ZY[ ZY XWWVTSU$`[W\"[WW__[` WUSZU[\S^W` W ^\W^X[^SZUWc ` ` WY[S" ZW"ST[^S`WS\\" US` [Z[XY[S"_W`` ZY` W[^ _US""WVSZSYWWZ`T [TWU`bW [ [` bS` [Z W[^ W_^SZ_"S`WU^[__a"`a^W_5 [_`` W[^ W_` S`^Wb["bWS^[aZV aSZZWWV_c ""U[Wa\SYS Z_`Ua"`a^S" " `S` [Z_`[` W ^YWZW^S" ` ]a `` W[^c ""TWU[Z_`^S ZWVTc S` _U[Z_ VW^WV)XS ^* ZS\S^` Ua"S^ Ua"`a^W-WY %W]a `bW^_a_W]aS" `/ #\WU`SZU _bW^WXXWU` bWc WZS\\" WVU^[__Ua"`a^S"" WY[S"_W`` ZY\^[UW__a_`TWSVa_`WV`[` WUa"`a^W-WY% ZV b VaS" bW^_a_Y^[a\Y[S"_/ \\^WU S` ZYUa"`a^S"V bW^_ `
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