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ADM2336 - Chapter 8 Social Influence and Socialization in Culture

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Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 8 Social Influence and Socialization in CultureNovember0311 1000 AM IntroductionHow do individual become identifiable in the organization Socialized in into the organization In yyour interest as a manager to integrate workers into the organization Understanding the incorporating organization into the workers lifeyThe organization and the workers are dependent on each othery Social Influence in Organizations In many social settings and especially in groups people are highly dependent on othersyemployees and organizationThis dependence sets the stage for influence to occur yTwo kinds of dependence are information dependence and effect dependence y1 Information DependenceReliance on others for information about how to think feel and actyInformation dependence gives others the opportunity to influence our thoughts yfeelings and actions via the signals they send to usYou form an impression of others through the influence of others Your feelings and ythoughts are influenced2 Effect DependenceReliance on others due to their capacity to provide rewards and punishmentyThe group frequently has a vested interest in how individual members think and actyGroup members desire the approval of the groupyThese circumstances promote effect dependenceyGroup your in has a vested interest in how you turn out in order for you to do well yyour group has to do well so you all have codependent peer pressure Depending other for rewards or avoid punishment That we are most costumed to Influence peoples behaviour in an organization Do you comply and to what extent do you comply Social Influence in ActionWhen you are given an order what is the motiveyOne of the most obvious consequences of information and effect dependence is the tendency for ygroup members to conform to the social norms that have been established by the groupMotives for Social ConformityThe motives for social conformity vary across situations and can be classified as follows y o Compliance adapting a social norm ONLY to avoid punishment or get reward Lowest levelSimplest most direct motive for conformity to group of conformity Effect dependencenorms Primarily involves effect dependenceo Identification doing it in the respect of the individual who is asking for it involves information dependence Established members serve as models for the behaviour of others When you adapt a norm you are doing it out of respect for the person asking you to do it Someone you look up to Someones approval you want to gain Information dependence Because you respect the individual it influences through the person who asked you to do it
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