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Lecture 10

ADM2337 Lecture 10: ADM2337 Lecture Notes MIDTERM

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Gebrekiduce Mekonnen

ADM2337 Lecture Notes MIDTERM REVIEW – Friday March 3 Human Resources Management - Firms can have different strategies: cost saving, design, quality, growth, customer service - HRM: the process of managing human talent to achieve and organization’s objectives - HR Planning: the process of anticipating and providing for move.t of people into, within and out of the org. - HRP will help an org to meet its HR needs by analyzing its internal and external enviro to forecast supply and demand - Balance btw supply and demand – not over/under-staff - Once this is determined concrete steps can be made to obtain it - How do we forecast demand: quant. and quali. techniques o Quant techniques: Trend Analysis or Modeling and multiple predictive techniques o Qualitative: Managerial forecast and Delphi techniques (ask experts their opinions on demand for employees) - How do we forecast supply: o Staffing tables: current jobs and number of positions o Markov: track movement of employees within the org. in percentage forms. Will predict who in your org will progress so you don’t have to hire externally o Skill Inventories/Management Inventories: both used to develop employee replacement charts o Employee Replacement Charts o Succession: more for exec. positions Employment Equity and Diversity - Management has to comply with laws and regulations in hiring practices - These laws have developed from previous breaches and changes in societal values - Non-compliance = legal repercussions - Designated groups: women, visible minorities, aboriginals, ppl with disabilities The Canadian Human Rights Act - Don’t discriminate based on age, race, religion etc - Provides protection under federal law - A defense for discrimination is bona fide occupational qualifications/requirements which are justifiable reasons for discrimination based on reasons for business success or safety Employment Equity Act - States that no one should be discriminated against based on things not related to the job (they must simply be able to perform) - Systemic Discrimination: policies that exclude - Federal Contractors Program: contractors worth more than $1 million with the federal gov. must im
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