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Lecture 5

ADM3326 Lecture 5: Pilsbury Notes.doc

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University of Ottawa
Raluca Balan

Pilsbury I suggest a $3 million media and promotional budget and assume an ample budget (i.e., $500,000) for Canadian creative production above the $3 million. You do not have to calculate anything for production but this assumption allows you to know that Canadian sourced messages are possible. Since the case is situated for a presentation in February of 2007, assume a 12 month planning period of July 1 2007 to June 30 2008. The plan should be national in scope. You need to show how you get your total expenditures for each media and each promotional activity. For example, if you spend $100,000 on magazines, you need to show the price per insert x the number of insertions for each magazine. This is an easier calculation than others but you need to do this for each planned recommendation. For some types of media costs you need to go to Canadian Advertising Rates and Data (CARD) via the library to obtain data from CARDONLINE.CA. As noted in class, it appears you may be able to access all the data without having to go through the library subscription. Alternatively, you can get paper copies of CARD for 2007 at the library if you prefer. You may get information from the media digest manual (on doc-depot), from any of the media websites, or other media organizations (e.g., You may find incomplete information, so use good judgment to estimate based on existing data and reference where you get costs.
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